Exhibitors' Comments


“It was the first time for the Specialist of Belgium Beer, Delirium to exhibit, Steph, “We have just opened up our shop in Hong Kong lately, we hope to grab this chance to promote our brand. We have also prepared a new mini set of Belgium Beer for visitors to introduce our beer to them. In only 2 days, we have already sold more than 3000 sets, it was a blast.”


Beer, Mr Mak

“Craft Beer is a new trend in Hong Kong, the visitors of HK Food Festival are really diverse, we’ve got an occasional chance to promote our products. 3/4 of our stocks are out already, we are glad to see that visitors are being so supportive towards product.”



Okinawa Meat Trade Co.

Mr Kudo told us, “People who have visited our booth and tasted our food really enjoyed Japanese cuisine, the responses are really positive. Exhibiting is much better than what we were expecting, probably because of Christmas spirit; the visitor flow is high with strong spending willingness. We would also like to thank for the help and support by organizer, we will definitely see you again next year.”



Crème Food Supply

Mr Wong, “We have prepared lobster soup only for this year the 13th Hong Kong Food Festival, the queue has been massive since morning and sold out already. HK Food Festival is a very effective platform to reach our customers directly.


Visitors' Comments

Ms. Lau

“We literally couldn’t wait for the expo a few weeks ago after seeing the promotions online. We have even skipped lunch and came here today, our favorite food are ice-cream and $1 abalone.”



Ms. Chin

“Coming to Food Festival and Mega Showcase has already become our family tradition. There are loads of food with reasonable price in the expo. This year’s expo is as good as last year’s one, we weren’t let down by.”


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